Why Metal Bonding Glues Could Mean Lighter Cars in the Future

Modern car manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to make their vehicles more economical.

Worldwide green targets mean they are always on the lookout for the means of achieving a more frugal use of fuel, while customers are increasingly demanding better value for money when making large purchases such as the family car.

Why Metal Bonding Glues Could Mean Lighter Cars in the Future

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One of the main ways cars can be made more economical is through making then less heavy. Lighter cars and vans mean less fuel consumption and a more economical, greener vehicle, as well as the added advantage of achieving more speed using the same amount of fuel.

In recent years, car-makers have been using lighter metals, such as aluminium, to construct their vehicles in order to achieve this weight loss, but there is another way. New developments in high-strength glues or adhesives mean car components can now be bonded together without the use of heavy welding and rivets.

Going Green

These new adhesives have been used already by several car manufacturers – they are an integral part of both the BMW i series of green vehicles and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, for example. Other manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Fiat and Volkswagen, also use the new adhesives.

According to The Wall Street Journal, for every 10 pounds car-makers can reduce their machines by, about 10 to 15 pounds less carbon dioxide is spewed into the atmosphere each year.

As well as making the cars greener, less heavy and more economical, the process also allows them to be produced more cheaply, as thinner metals can be used and there is no need for costly welding and riveting processes.

Project Development

Making a car is a complicated business, and it is necessary that manufacturers consider the way they will be putting their vehicles together early on in the planning process. Car-makers are now more and more inclined to work with adhesive suppliers in product development to ensure their needs are met when any new initiatives occur.

Whatever the future holds in terms of car design, it seems certain that metal bonding adhesives, such as those provided by http://www.ct1ltd.com/en/metal-to-metal-adhesive.html, will play an important part.

It also seems certain that the cars of the future will be lighter, more streamlined and more economical beasts than those of the past.