Welsh Town Uses Birds of Prey to Scare Off Nuisance Gulls

Seagulls can be big, scary birds if you are not familiar with them. They’re not afraid to follow you around while you’re eating and have even been know to take the food from people’s hands. Now their behaviour in one seaside town in Wales has caused so many problems residents have called in even bigger birds to help.


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Conwy Seagull Committee

Conwy is a picturesque seaside town on the north coast of Wales. It’s a beautiful place to live in or to visit, but businesses and residents have become so worried about safety they’ve introduced their own style of nuisance bird management.

A special Seagull Committee has been set up after what locals say has been the worst year for disruption caused by the gulls. It’s going to look at ways to help, but residents have already called in a bird of prey expert to try and scare off the gulls.

He patrols the town with his larger birds who puff up their feathers in a bid to scare off the nuisance seagulls. He won’t let them chase or attack the gulls, but says it’s a way to show they won’t be tolerated in the town.

It’s hoped the measure – along with simpler ones recommended by the council, such as not feeding the birds – will make a big difference in future.

An Easier Way to See Off Nuisance Birds

While it’s certainly an unusual and possibly rather extreme idea to call in birds of prey to help with problem birds, it’s actually becoming more common for hawks and falcons to be used as pest control. You’ve probably heard of the Wimbledon hawk Rufus, who scares off pigeons from the All England Club during the grand slam tennis tournament, while the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh also uses hawks.

There are easier ways to see them off, however, like the simple advice on denying them food or removing places for them to nest.

If you have ever wondered ‘what are bird management services?‘, then it might be a good idea to get some advice from a professional pest control firm who understand all the legalities of dealing with a problem.

Hopefully if you’re having issues with troublesome birds it could be a better option than adopting your own bird of prey.