Super Summer Skin

If you’re jetting off to warmer climates this year, are you concerned about how you will adapt your skin care regime whilst abroad? While many of us will be solely focusing on sun cream and thinking about the effects of the sun, it is worth also thinking about the stresses that travel put on the skin too. What we need to aim for is healthy, well-nourished and sun kissed skin during and after our holiday.

A bit of effort before you go away will pay dividends whilst your on holiday but you’ll have to bear in mind the limited space that you’ll have in the suitcase. Be sure to pack a facial cleanser that will reduce redness and will rid areas of excess oil. To save on space, why not consider a moisturiser that is suitable for both day and night usage. Flying can really dehydrate the skin so be sure to apply a good amount of rich moisturiser the night before and the day of your flight. It’s also advisable to cleanse and exfoliate before you go away so that your skin is as clean as possible beforehand. For a great space saving, travel ready beauty product, take a look at Nivea Travel Kits at

Exfoliation before travel will help to clear any excess oil from your sebaceous glands and unclog your pores which should reduce the risk of you arriving at your beautiful destination with pimples! Before travelling, it can be tempting to hop on the sunbed to get a head start on the tan but try to resist. UV rays from sunbeds can damage the collagen and elastin in your skin. Damaging these will increase the likelihood of you developing wrinkles. Gentle tinting moisturisers are a much safer option.

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When you’re flying, it’s best to keep your make up light and simple and stay well hydrated throughout the journey to keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Blotting papers are a great, handy way of dabbing off any excess oil from your T-zone whilst in transit.

Once you’ve reached your holiday destination you’ll want to kick back and let your hair down. Don’t let worrying about your skin dampen your spirits. All you need to remember to do is exfoliate every day if you’re in a hot and humid climate. This type of climate can send your skin into a spin with the sun drying it out one minute but your glands increasing oil production at the same time! This is due to our sebaceous glands trying to combat the heat and cool us. Exfoliating will help prevent pore blockage and a pimple breakout.

Of course, lots of suncream goes without saying and reapplying every couple of hours is highly recommended too. Remember to pack an after sun lotion for a soothing, cooling solution on hot and bothered skin. It is also very effective at rehydrating dried out skin and lotions containing aloe vera are especially soothing.