Pre-Event Planning

If you’re planning a corporate event then there are really useful things that you can beforehand to make sure the event is well attended and will be well remembered. Some elements are more important to focus on than others and that’s what experience will teach you along the way. There will always be a deadline and a budget so here some handy tips to help you prioritize:

  • When planning an agenda, be sure to leave plenty of time for networking. If you want people to be focused when there is a talk or speaker, make sure they also get the chance to grab a coffee and mingle during break times. Events don’t have to be dull, people like attending them to network so give them the chance. For advice on How to arrange a corporate event, visit
  • Don’t skimp on the invitations. A well-designed and slick invitation will be much more appealing than simply sending an email. You want to set the tone straight away and invitations with a modern font, colours and impressive visuals will attract people from the start. Don’t forget the important details though like date, location, contact information and the name of your company.
  • Personalize the invitations as it’s so much noicer to receive something specifically addressed to you than a generic, one size fits all approach. It’s more engaging and makes good business sense. If you want to use an online registration tool then make sure it’s not too fussy and is quick and easy. Make sure to collect names and company names so name cards can be made up in preparation for the day.
  • Allow plenty of time for Q & A sessions after any presentations because when the floor is opened up for questions, this is where things can get really interesting and it’s a shame to have to prematurely stop it.

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  • Make sure that your company branding is highly visible throughout the event. Company logos should be displayed on screens, event programs, memo papers for attendees to take notes and having the name on lanyards is a great idea as everyone wears them and they show on photos too.
  • Before your event, make sure that it is ‘social’ with mentions on Twitter and Facebook leading up to the big day as a way to create some additional buzz. Don’t forget to create a hashtag in advance to boost up the mentions.
  • Attendees will appreciate content that adds value to their careers so spend some time researching the best speaker for your event. Most people don’t want to hear a hard sell or overt marketing messages but would rather hear something inspirational or insightful. Remember that whatever speaker you choose, it will reflect on your company’s branding so think about your audience and why they might be coming to this event.
  • Finally, don’t forget those all important Thank You emails to attendees and speakers. This is a good chance to ask for feedback.