Great bra fitting hacks for smaller busts

Have you lost all hope of ever finding a bra that will fit properly? Don’t despair – your perfect match is out there! Like many women, you could be looking in the wrong shops or shopping for the wrong size. Don’t think that because you have a small bust, you don’t need your bras to fit well; breasts of all sizes need support!

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Know your measurements

The first thing any woman should do when shopping for bras is get herself measured professionally. Many women guess their bra size but may not realise that they are wearing a cup size too small or that their bust actually measures more like a 30 than a 32. Even if you had yourself measured a few years back, be sure to revisit a professional regularly because a number of factors can alter the size and shape of your breasts.

Find a suitable style

The main thing to remember when hunting for bras is that they should be comfortable and not get in your way. If you find that the underwire is digging into your rib cage or that your breasts aren’t resting on top of the support cushion in a padded bra, these are likely ill-fitting bras or the style simply does not suit your body shape.

Like breasts, bras come in all shapes and sizes. If you find that the bra you are wearing gapes or the straps slip off of your shoulder, you might like to consider trying a different style of bra. For example, see The Ultimate Bra Guide to find out how you can turn any bra into a racerback. Although quick fixes can work in the short term, you may want to consider investing in a premium bra like the Prima Donna Deauville White bra found at sites like

Don’t settle for what’s on the high street

Even though it is tempting to buy a cheap bra from a high street chain, the price might be so low because of the quality of the material. Thicker lace bras will offer a firmer support when compared to thin lace or synthetic materials, which can often be too stretchy. If you have sensitive skin, you might also prefer to purchase a bra that is made from 100 per cent cotton so that it doesn’t cause irritation.