Foods Dangerous to Health

The fact that sugars and fats are bad for human health and that they are failing to reduce or even eliminate them from our diet is an increasingly clear fact, to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on natural juices, superfoods and regular exercises. Yet it is not always easy to avoid foods that are bad for your health, because in many occasions these foods are tempting or even addictive. It’s hard to resist a delicious hamburger full of sauces, accompanied by delicious fries and a large soda. Most doctors say it is not to eat this kind of food if it stays casual and as part of a balanced diet.

Soft drinks and soft drinks

Sodas and soft drinks are among the few foods that exist for health. The sodas bring a very large quantity of sugar without any nutrients interesting for our organism. WHO advises that the amount of added sugar consumed per day does not exceed 10% of the total food consumed and is even reduced to 5%. A can contains 35g of sugar, which equals 200 Kcal. For a daily consumption of 2000 Kcal, a single can of soda alone fills the recommended maximum amount of sugar Excess daily sugar causes a change in metabolism (diabetes) and an overweight or even obesity, which causes heart problems and Arterioles. In other words, sugar kills.

Light products

The light products are a great mirror to the larks. They do not contain sugar but sweeteners, which are highly criticized for their health effects. Some studies even claim that some sweeteners can alter the intestinal flora by shifting beneficial bacteria and promoting pathologies such as glucose intolerance or obesity.

According to the American standard, a light product must contain 30% less nutrients than the normal version, but this should always be checked by comparing the labels. Moreover, the fact is that lights products contain fewer calories does mean they contain less. And as they are less nourishing, they can also induce them to eat more, having the illusion of eating a product that does not get fat.

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Industrial viennoiseries

Excess sugar of this product added to the excess of oils and fats of bad quality is a real time bomb for health. The fact is that these products are very successful for their long-lasting taste and preservation, which proves more practical than going to the baker every day, but their composition is very unhealthy: hydrogenated palm oil, Sugar in large quantities and even salt. If you want to indulge in breakfast or snack, go buy a real bakery at a craftsman baker, even if this one also have to be consumed in moderation.

Popcorn in the Microwave

The perfect evening: a good movie, a comfortable sofa and popcorn that you will have heated in the microwave. What you do not know is that these pack of popcorn contain diacetile, a chemical substance used to give them more taste and aroma. Except prolonged exposure to this component is carcinogenic and can cause lung damage. Furthermore. The packaging itself contains a toxic substance that passes into the food and then into the blood

However homemade pop-con are not that bad. They contain carbohydrates, B vitamins, vegetable proteins and fiber. It will of course have to have light hand on sugar and salt.

The fast food

Hamburgers, nuggets, fries, even their salads are bad for health. The fast-food and high-sugars fast food, refined flours, salty and trans-fat sauces, and its consumption makes the number of calories ingested during the day leap up and promotes weight gain. The risk of suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular problems also increases considerably. This type of food should be taken very occasionally.

Energy drinks

A classic of students in periods of exams or party animals, energy drinks replace the traditional coffee with more and more people. Their high caffeine content can improve athletic and cognitive returns, but excess energy drinks cause adverse effects such as insomnia and nervousness. These beverages also contain large amounts of sugar

This article is purely informative, and it does not have the capability to prescribe medical treatment or diagnoses. We invite you to visit the doctor if you have genes or a discomfort.

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