Easy ways to improve your Bathroom

There are some great ways to freshen up the look of a tired bathroom without having to spend a fortune on a complete refit and redecoration. A few simple life hacks and you’ll have given this important room a breath of fresh air.

If you have any old wooden crates lying around then these can make lovely, rustic looking holders for spare toilet rolls and rolled up clean bath towels.

How about making a sink skirt to hide any clutter or old pipework. You don’t have to do much sewing, if any at all and you can have fun choosing a great material to match your existing bathroom décor.

Maybe consider replacing the old radiator. There are some fantastic bathroom radiators available in all styles and shapes so you’re bound to find something to fit your room and your budget. For a wide range, visit http://apolloradiators.co.uk/category/43/header/57/bathroom-radiator-ranges

Need a bath tidy for rubber ducks and sponges? Try hanging a multilevel fruit basket to create that much needed extra space.

For a bit of added glamour and luxury, create an area close to the bath with scented candles, special bath salts and super fluffy towels. Turn this room into one you won’t want to leave.

Simple things like adding a pretty woven basket and stocking it up with lots of rolls of toilet roll will look great and prevent that last minute hunt as you pull off the last sheet!


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Give your cabinet a facelift – your cupboards might be in good functional condition but could do with a bit of a makeover. You could sand them down and repaint or even just buy some low cost replacement door knobs to spruce them up.

Replace a boring mirror. You don’t have to spend a fortune but look for something unusual or unique that could become a real focal point of the room.

A tough job but someone’s got to do it – cleaning grubby grout! You’ll be amazed at how much brighter your bathroom will look after you’ve made the effort to do this. Grout cleaning products are pretty stinky though so you might prefer a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda or the use of a steam cleaner.

If your bathroom is on the small side then get creative with space saving ideas. Hanging hooks can be used for anything from loofahs and towels to dressing gowns and means you don’t have to worry about where everything is going be stored.