Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

One of the most extensive and expensive home renovations is window work. Not only will your home be instantly aesthetically improved by new windows, but the value of your home will increase. If you double glaze, the energy bill will dramatically be reduced. However, none of the above will come about if you choose the wrong windows. Here’s a brief guide to which windows you should choose for your property.


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Replacement or New?

The first thing to decide is whether you want completely new windows, or to replace old ones like-for-like. New windows are a different style to the old ones in the house. They may even be installed in locations where there were previously no windows. They may also be a different size and shape to the old ones. New windows will dramatically change the appearance of your property. It will cost more in terms of labour to install new windows. It may be that if you live in a conservation area, you are restricted to replacing traditional windows like-for-like so you do not alter the historic appearance of your home. The choice also depends on budget, and in some cases it is possible to receive a tax credit called the HRI or Home Renovation Incentive. Contact a window supplier in Dublin for more information about this.


You can choose from many diverse window styles. Most styles now have the option to be double glazed and most window suppliers are versatile, providing vertically sliding, casement or tilting windows. Alternatively you can choose custom windows, designed to add a bespoke flair to your home. Look around online for more detailed advice.


The most popular material for windows nowadays is uPVC, as it’s cheap and maintenance-free and provides efficient insulation. Wood is used for period homes, and it cannot be beaten for beauty. But wooden windows require a great deal of maintenance to prevent rot. Aluminium and lead are also options to consider. See where can I find a trusted window supplier in Dublin? and other firms for more information on available materials.


You can decide how many panes you want in your windows, as well as whether you want double or single glazing, and whether you prefer insulated glass or even shatter-resistant glass for safety. Stained glass can be used sparingly for a striking effect.