A Guide to Successfully Wearing Double Denim

In the not too distant past, the words “double denim” were enough to strike fear into the heart of any fashion lover. Double denim belonged firmly in the 80s, along with power dressing and gelled hair. In 2016, however, the double denim look is once again desirable, but with a few subtle updates that bring it well and truly into the 21st century. Here are a few tips to ensure your denim ensemble gets people talking for all the right reasons.

A Guide to Successfully Wearing Double Denim

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It’s All About Mix and Match

The 2016 take on double denim isn’t as matchy-matchy as the 1980s look. Combine different shades of denim, and mix up the fabric weights. Try, for example, white jeans with a stonewash jacket, or mix regular jeans with a lightweight denim shirt. Don’t be afraid to try out different shades of blue together and see what works for you.

Add Distressed Denim

Distressed denim is huge at the moment, and you’ll find everything from subtle signs of wear and tear to huge ripped out chunks while shopping for jeans. Distressed denim works particularly well in the double denim trend, so try combining different ripped items to create a unique style that’s entirely your own. You can also combine regular items with distressed pieces to create an edgy and individual look. For example, teaming an immaculate pair of jeans with a distressed shirt will entirely transform that new pair of womens designer jeans.

You can either buy a pair of ready-distressed jeans from retailers such as http://www.cuba-clothing.com/womens/jeans.html or set to work on an existing pair and customise them any way you like. Rub them on rough concrete to wear away patches, or take a pair of scissors to them to create strategically placed holes. Once you’ve made your holes, pick away at the edges to create a frayed look.

Dress Your Double Denim Up

Double denim isn’t just for casual wear. A pair of navy skinny jeans with a chambray shirt tucked in and fastened to the neck looks great with a large statement necklace, dramatic heels and an artfully messy up-do. Adding dressy touches to your double denim ensemble makes you look confident, fun and fashion-forward. You can also elevate your entire double denim look by adding a slash of red lipstick or dramatic eyes complete with 1960s-style eyeliner.